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International Day of the World Indigenous Peoples 2016 hlawhtling taka hman a ni

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Zo Indigenous Forum chuan vawiin Dt 9th August 2016 11:00 am hian MZP Conference Hall, Aizawl-ah “International Day of the World Indigenous Peoples 2016” a hmang a, Most Reverend Bishop Stephen Rotluanga, Aizawl Diocese chu khuallian a ni.

Indigenous Day lawmna hi Pu K. Laldinthara'n a kaihruai a, Inlawmna thu sawiin Pu C. Ramhluna IFS(Rtd.), Ex-MLA, Zo Indigenous Forum Chairman chuan thusawiin, "Kan land use system siamthat a ngai a ni a ti a, hmasawnna tluantling nei tur chuan kan rilru leh sukthelk pawh kan thlak ve a ngai a ni" a ti.

Khuallian Bishop Stephen Rotluanga chuan Zo Indigenous Forum hma lakna chu rawm leh hnam tan a pawimawh hle a ni tih sawiin, zirna hi ram leh hnam hmasawnna atan a pawimawh em em a ni, UNDRIP kan nei hi Pathian malsawmna ropui tak a ni a ni, hnam leh culture humhim leh tihpuitlin zel hi Pathian thiltum ropui tak niin ka hria a ti a. Tribal tih hi hnamdang chuan min hmuhsitna tawngkam a ni lek lek zawk a, keini chuan First Nation tia inkoh hi kan inhmeh zawk mah a ni" a ti.

Kan hnam hi kan tanho a kan in thurual chuan UNDRIP pawh kan hmang tangkai hle in ka ring a ni tiin, hnamzia leh tihphunga sakhaw biak pawh hi kan kohhran chuan kan ti chho zel a, kan ngaihdan-ah pawh ''Think Globally, feel nationaly, act locally'' a ngai a ni a ti.

Chawhnu lamah Seminar program hmangin ''Seminar on Sustainable Development Goal 2030 (SDG)'' chungchang Pu Rinzuala Ralte, UN Program Coordinator, UN Joint Initiative, Mizoram in a present a, Dr Lalrinchhana, Economist', Planning Department Govt of Mizoram & New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) chungchanga ruahmanna siam tawhte tarlangin, rawtna nei duhte tanah pawh hun a la awm thu a tarlang a ni.
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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between IWAI and IPGPL on the Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project

Posted by omom channel  | 

New Delhi, June 20, 2016:  The Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport Project (KMTTP) in Myanmar was conceptualized and is being administered by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) with a view to facilitate connectivity between the mainland and the North Eastern States of the country through maritime shipping, inland waterways and roads of Myanmar. The link between North Eastern States of India and Myanmar will pave the way for enhanced trade & commerce across the border and enable cultural and social integration at the regional level. MEA had appointed Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) as the Project Development Consultant (PDC) for the implementation of the Port & Inland Water Transport (IWT) component of the Kaladan Project on 19.3.2009 and by Supplementary Agreement dated 28.4.2016.

India Ports Global Private Limited (IPGPL) has been established as a Joint Venture between Kandla Port Trust and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust for the purpose of development of ports overseas. IPGPL was asked to partner IWAI in the Kaladan project as a sub-PDC. This was suggested mainly to use and develop the capabilities of IPGPL which has been created for a specialized purpose, completing the implementation of Kaladan project within the scheduled timeframe of April 2019 and to provide relief to IWAI whose responsibilities have increased manifold due to declaration of 106 new National Waterways and implementing the ambitious ‘Jal Marg Vikas” project.

Accordingly, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between IWAI and IPGPL on 1.6.2016 for implementation of the following three additional works, which are independent of the on-going works and are estimated to cost Rs.476 crore.

(i) Container handling facilities at Sittwe & Paletwa

(ii) Operation & Maintenance of the completed works

(iii) Wrecks removed in Sittwe Port basin area

IWAI shall remain as the overall PDC to MEA for implementation of PORT & IWT component of Kaladan project.
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Zangnadawmna pek phûtin KMMTTP kawng siamtute an dang

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Aizawl 4 June : Lawngtlai District Land Ow­ners Association (LDLOA) chuan, Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Tran­s­port Project (KMMTTP) kawngpui  siam meka an ram lak a nih avanga zangnadawmna pek thuai phûtin June 1, 2016 aṭang khan hna thawktute an dang a; nimin khan Lawngtlai DC-in titàwp turin ngen mah se, an la chhunzawm zel.

Thu dawn danin, LDLOA hian an thil phût chinfel a nih hma chuan kawng siamtu RDS leh Atlanta ARSS Infrastructure hnuaia hnathawktute chu dan zel an tum a; buaina a chhuah loh nan Lawngtlai district thuneitute'n hmun hrang hrangah police an duty tir a ni.

LDLOA hruaitute chu June 2, 2016 tlai dar 5 khan Lawngtlai DC Dr A Muthamma chuan a pisaa léngah sáwmin, an thil phûtte a sawipui a; inbiaknaah hian Lawngtlai SP Lalsanglura, Election officer Lalhmansanga leh IPRO C Lalhruaitluanga te pawh an tel.

Lawngtlai DC chuan, ram neitute harsatna chu a hriatthiampui thu leh theihtawpa hma a lakpui tur thu a sawi a; sumah harsatna a awm lo a, LRS department-in zangnadawmna pek turte a la enfiah mek avang leh, Land Acquisition Act dan thar avangin thil a kal zung zung thei lo tih hrilhin, ram neitute chu an thil tih titàwp turin an ngen a ni.

LDLOA hruaitute erawh chuan, DC-in theihtawp a chhuahpui vanga lawm thu an sawi rualin, sorkar nawr nana an hmalakna chu kalpui zel an tum thu an sawi thung.

Mizoram PWD hotute sawi danin, KMMTTP kawng siamnaah mimal ram eng emaw zat lak a ni. A tira ram enfiahnaa ram neitu dik tak nia hriat mi 165-te chu zangnadawmna cheng nuai 927 pek a ni tawh a; mahse, a tira tel lo mi dang 800 velin an ram nei nia an insawi leh avangin J Sanghulha leh mi dang 146-te chuan an ram neihna lehkhate nen Gauhati High Court-ah petition an thehlut a ni.

High Court thuchhuak angin, ACB-in zangnadawmna diltu mi 800 zinga a zatve vel dilna chu enfiah tlaka ngaiin an enfiah a; chumi hnuah chuan Lawngtlai DC, district collector ni bawk chuan an thil hmuh dan report chu Mizoram sorkarah a thehlut a, thil inmil lo ṭhenkhat hmuh chhuah a nih avangin enfiah leh tura tih a ni.

Lawngtlai DC chuan, thil awm dan a enfiah nawnna report chu May 31, 2016 khan Mizoram sorkara Land Revenue & Settlement department-ah a thehlut nawn leh a, chu chu sorkarin a enfiah mek niin PWD hotute chuan an sawi.

Sorkarin a tihfel phawt loh chuan zangnadawmna sum an pe chhuak thei rih lo tih an sawi bawk.
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Endangered ‘Dancing girl’ Plant Found in Mizoram

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Aizawl, 6 June: The Mantisia Spathulata plant, also known as the “Dancing Girl” was spotted at a lower altitude of 662 metres at Kolasib in Mizoram. This was observed by scientists at the Assam University, Silchar as a first as this species was earlier typically found only in the rocky hills of Lunglei in Mizoram at an altitude of 1,200 – 1,500 metres.

The finding was reported in the latest issue of the Journal of Threatened Taxa. In the article titled “New locality records of the Dancing Girl of Mizoram, a rare zinger species” written by by Aparajita De and Demsai Reang of ecology and environmental science department, Assam University, it is said that the species has become endangered due to several natural calamities. Thus, it is included in the national priority list for recovery published by the department of biotechnology, New Delhi, under the ministry of science and technology.

Aparajita explained the unique common name of the flower “Dancing Girl” was given because looking at a single flower carefully, we can see that the yellow corolla looks like a skirt and the two staminodes resemble the two outstretched arms of a dancing girl.
The other special features of the species includes the fact that it grows in bare rocky areas and it is not found in dense patches because it requires optimum amount of sunlight and shade to flourish.

These features were not found in the Kolasib flowers though. “We collected the species at a comparatively lower altitude – approximately 662 metres from Kolasib – which was never recorded earlier. The current study deals with the information of a new site discovered for Mantisia spathulata and its population density,” Aparajita added.

The species was growing only in a single large patch, along with other species. The size of the patch where the plants were found was approximately 30 metres in length and to 6.5 to 7 metres wide, though the plants were healthy and were regenerating very well. The study also asked for steps to be taken for its preservation. Their recommendations and suggestions included methods of conservation to be the restoration of the patch of land so that further habitat degradation is checked. In the future, the species may be grown under ex-situ conditions and reintroduced into other suitable habitats.
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Taiwan legislature confirms Tsai’s formal apology to indigenous peoples

Posted by omom channel  | 

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) - Newly-installed Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen will extend an apology to the indigenous people on Indigenous Peoples' Day, August 1.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen is expected to extend a formal apology to indigenous peoples on Indigenous Peoples' Day, August 1, according to a statement by Executive Yuan Secretary-General Chen Mei-ling on Thursday (May 26).

A “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” inside the Presidential Office will be set up to handle transitional justice matters for the indigenous peoples as well, Chen said during a Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee meeting for reviewing bills on transitional justice issues.

Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) Minister Icyang Parod was in attendance at the meeting as well, reported local media.

He stated that transitional justice for indigenous peoples should be undertaken through a comprehensive schedule and planning, which would emphasise the significance of acknowledging indigenous people in the overall process, as well as the unique importance of upholding transitional justice discussions for aborigines.

In the current scenario, the CIP minister proposes active formulation of the Indigenous Autonomy Act, Indigenous Peoples Land and Waters Rights Act, inclusion of indigenous peoples’ traditional customs into the nation’s law, and other regulation amendments to the Indigenous Peoples Basic Law.

The Executive Yuan will proactively push for renewed study of historical treatment of indigenous people, Chen said, including the gradual implementation of transitional justice to carry out the autonomy of indigenous groups.

“These are the country’s aims in carrying out existing policies and drafting future policy agendas,” she stated.

Handling of indigenous peoples’ transitional justice issues this time around differs from the kind that was undertaken during Taiwan’s martial law period, Chen emphasised, which according to the draft bill proposed by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), involved actions and measures that violated the democratic nation’s constitution.

Back in late January after her landslide win in the presidential elections, Tsai told supporters in Taitung that aboriginal people have experienced rule under different authorities and foreign bodies in the past. Compared to other groups living in Taiwan, the indigenous are at a disadvantage in terms of economy, education and health. “This is oppression and inequality caused by history,” Tsai said, which is what spurred her on to make the apology.
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2015 chhungin Malaria vangin mi 21 thi

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Mizoram Health department hotu te chuan kum 2015 chhung khan Mizoram pumah sikserh vei 26,400 hmuh chhuah a ni a, sikserh vangin mi 21 an thi tih an tarlang.

Kum 2015 chhung khan mi 3,02,942 thisen endik atangin mi 26,400 in Malaria an vei a, 2014 chhungin mi 3,30,882 thisen endik zingah mi 23,105 in Malaria an vei bawk a, 2015 ah mi 21 an thih laiin 2014 ah chuan mi 31 an thi thung a ni.

Health Minister Pu Lal Thanzara chuan, Mizoramah sikserh vei leh sikserh vei zat tlahniam ve tawh mah se, tan lakna tur tam tak a la awm tih sawiin, "Sikserh do hi thil harsa a ni lo a, mi tinin kan tih theih vek a ni... Mithiamte thu zawm that a ngai," a ti a; "Kan inthlahdah chhungin miin nunna an chán thei a ni," a ti a; Doctor leh nurse-te chu tawngka leh chetziaah an fimkhur zel a tul ani a ti bawk.
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Mihringa sumdawnna thubuai 20 ziak tawh

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Aizawl, 5 May: Mizoram police-a CID (Crime) chuan, kum 2000 atanga March 2016 theng khan mihringa sumdawnna (human trafficking) chungchangah thubuai 20 a ziak tawh a, a kaihhnawihah mi 42 an man tawh.

CID (Crime) chhinchhiah danin, mihringa sumdawnnaah hian Mizoramah chuan kum 2000-ah thubuai ziah luh tan a ni a, thubuai ziah luhte chu an chhui zui nghal zel a, thubuai 20 zinga 16 chu chhui chhuakin, Court-ah chargesheet an thehlut tawh a ni. Kum 2004 leh 2005 khan thubuai pali ve ve ziah luh a ni a; kumin March thla thleng khan human traffi cking tuartu mi 32 an awm tawh.

Hetih lai hian, thubuai chhui lai pakhat an nei a, thubuai dang pakhat erawh chu vanduaina thlenna hmuna police-te kutah an hlan thung.

CID (Crime) SP Lallianmawia chuan, hna thawh tur hmuhsak thei anga phai lam atanga inzuar company eng emaw zat an awm tih sawiin, chu'ng hna an zawrhte chu rintlak tak tak a awm laiin, rintlak loh leh mihringa sumdawnna atana hman tum an awm thin avangin fimkhur a ngai hle tih a sawi.

Lallianmawia chuan, Mizo thalai, Mizoram pawna hna thawk turte chu, an thawhna tur zir chiang hmasa phawt tur leh a rintlak leh rintlak loh finfiah hmasa turin a chah a ni.
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Mizoram Land Issues UN Meeting-ah sawi chhuak

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Asia Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights vawikhatna Ni 19-20 chhunga Qatar Khawpui Doha-a neihah Zo Indigenous Forum Director chu speaker atan sawm a nih angin a tel ve a. Mizorama land issues hrang hrang te a sawi chhuak.

ZIF Director chuan " Indigeous Peoples in Asia in the Context of Business and Human Rights" session-ah thu sawiin  Kaladan Multi Modal Transport Project chungchang sawiin India in foreign a investment a neih len ber a ni a ti a. Mizoram chhunga ram neituten harsatna an tawh hrang hrang te a sawi lang a. Hei bakah hian India ram pawn lam Chin State leh Sittwe port siamna a harsatna awm hrang hrang te a sawichhhuak bawk.

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples anga Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) chungchanga hmalak that tawklohna te pawh a sawilang tel a. Tun thenga Mizoram chhunga ram neituten chhawmdawlna (compensation) a harsatna an neite pawh a tarlang tel bawk. Hei bakah hian Mizoram chhunga Oil Palm chin mek chungchang pawh a sawilang tel bawk a ni.

He hunah hian UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights member Pu Pavel Sulyandziga nen pawh inkawmna hun a nei bawk.

Business and Human Rights session hi Asia rama a Vawikhat awmna niin ram hrang hrang atangin sorkar aiawh, sumdawng pawl lian leh NGO te an tel a, Indigenous Peoples pawh mi 10 vel an tel ve a ni.

Session chungchang hrechiang duh tan ah hian en theih a ni bawk e.
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Assembly passed Mizoram Land Bill 2016

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Aizawl, 23 April (TNN): The Mizoram legislature on Thursday passed the Mizoram Land (Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement) Bill, 2016, which aims to ensure fair compensation to land owners.

Land revenue and settlement minister R Romawia while moving the bill, said it was prepared to ensure that the affected families of the land acquired by the government for development projects were provided fair compensation.

He said the bill made adequate provisions for affected persons for their rehabilitation and resettlement to ensure that the cumulative outcome of compulsory acquisition was such that the affected persons became partners in the development, leading to improvement in their post-acquisition social and economic status.

Though the parliament had already enacted the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013, the state Assembly did not adopt it.
The state legislature passed the bill on the same issue as the state was granted protection under the provisions of the Article 371(G) of the Constitution of India in the matter of ownership and transfer of land.

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Supreme Court in State Human Rights Commission din turin ti

Posted by Zo Indigenous Forum  | 

Aizawl, 12 April : Mizoram hi State Human Rights Commission la nei lo zinga mi a ni a, Supreme Court chuan State Human Rights Commission din nan thla ruk hun a pe.

Zirtawpni khan Supreme Court hian MIzoram leh State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) la nei lo state dang - Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh bakah Delhi te chu thla ruk chhunga SHRC din tur hian a hriattir a ni.

Indu Prakash Singh-a'n petition a thehluh vanga Supreme Court hian ngaihtuah an ni a, SHRC din tumna hi tihkhawtlaiah ngaiin court hi a bel a ni. Senior advocate Colin Gonsalves-a'n a dinsak.

Delhi-ah chuan UT an nih avangin sorkar laipui kut a nihna chin a awm a, Delhi sorkarin hemi atana rawtna a tifel tawh chunga din a la ni loh thu-ah hian sorkar laipui pawh puh niin, he thu ngaihtuahtu bench Chief Justice of India TS Thakur-a leh a hote chuan chawlhkar khat chhunga hemi chungchang sawifiah tur hian Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar an hriattir.

2014 November-ah khan Supreme Court hian human rights bawhchhiat nasatna hmarchhak state-te leh Delhi-in mahni puala human rights commission an la neih loh thu hi a lo ngaihtuah tawh a, chumi \uma ding ukil AM Singhvi chuan human rights commission la nei lote hi a mamawh mawh an ni tiin a sawi.

Nikum July thlaah khan Supreme Court chuan human rights commission la nei ve lote hi din thuai turin a lo hriattir tawh bawk. Chumi tum chuan thla thum chhunga din tura tih an ni.

India ramin Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 a nei a, National Human Rights Commission bakah state tinah State Human Rights Commission hi din tura tih a ni. Mahse kum 23 hnuah pawh din lo an la awm a, state 25 chuan an din tawh.
The Aizawl Post via Mizo News
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